Water technology farms help gather data on irrigation efficiency

By: P.J. Griekspoor Some years are better than others when it comes to collecting water use research data. “We had a lot more rainfall than we normally get, and that made it difficult to know how much impact was due to irrigation practices and what was due to plentiful rainfall,” says Jonathan Aguilar, one of ... Read More »

Tricks to Increase Yields

By: Gene Johnston Yes, you can still squeeze a few more bushels of corn and soybeans out of your fields. A project at Kansas State University (KSU) is pointing the way. Researchers are testing advanced management practices to benefit both high-yielding corn and soybeans. Results so far provide an interesting contrast in how the two ... Read More »

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Herbicide-Resistant Weeds

By: Successful Farming Staff Think you’ve heard it all about herbicide-resistant weeds? Here are six often-overlooked facts about them to consider as you ready your weed-management plan for the coming growing season in 2017. 1. They’re not new. “The first resistant weeds to atrazine were reported in 1970,” says Ian Heap, director of the International ... Read More »

Corn depth: How deep do you plant?

By: Tom Bechman 1 Dave Nanda, Seed Consultants, Inc., has worked in plant breeding or more than 40 years. He has also interviewed farmers who do a good job of obtaining good stands of corn. And he’s talked to some who don’t do such a good job of getting cornfields to emerge evenly and uniformly. ... Read More »

When is best date for planting corn?

By: Rod Swoboda What’s the best date range to plant corn? Can you plant corn before April 11? And what temperature should the soil be when you plant corn? Experts answer these key Midwestern corn planting questions below. Iowa corn planting dates Roger Elmore, Iowa State University Extension corn agronomist, has compiled data from a ... Read More »