New Eyes in the Sky

By: Jim Patrico Several times this year a portal on the International Space Station will open to release a new flock of “Doves.” They will float into a near-Earth orbit around 400 miles up and unfold solar panel wings. With these wings spread, the Doves will orient themselves, line up the cameras built into their ... Read More »

Some Vintage Iron

By: Russ Quinn While I didn’t grow up with “red” tractors, we had enough family, friends and neighbors who did, so I was around International tractors even though we didn’t have any. I had several friends growing up whose families farmed with IH equipment, and I learned about this equipment from them. I am fairly ... Read More »

Quiet Optimism Rules the Show

By: Jim Patrico My two goals at each NFMS (this was my 18th) are to take the pulse of the farm equipment industry and to learn about new product rollouts. About the former, I can report that nearly every exhibitor I interviewed initially was excited about the prospects for the products they brought to the ... Read More »

Equipment Manufacturers Help Economy Grow

By: Russ Quinn The equipment manufacturing industry supported 1.3 million jobs and contributed $159 billion to the Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of the U.S. in 2016, according to new report released by The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). The report was unveiled March 9 at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, the industry’s trade show in Las Vegas. ... Read More »

Stop Annoying Your Neighbors!

By: Jim Patrico Working near a portable grain dryer all day can leave you with a buzzing in the ears. And if the dryer is near your house (or your neighbors’), it can be difficult getting to sleep at harvest time. GSI’s solution to the noise pollution is a new Quiet Dryer, which produces 50% ... Read More »